8 Quick & Cheap Decoration Ideas for Your 4th of July Garden Party

You Still Have Time! Check these 8 Quick & Easy Decoration Ideas for Your 4th of July Garden Party.

1 – Easy Patriotic Luminaries


I always hate throwing out glass jars and we don’t have anywhere to take them for recycling in my county.

2 – Pallet Patriotic Flag


Looking for some frugal and fun 4th of July ideas to make this holiday just a little bit more special? Take a look at these!

3 – Patriotic Lanterns


Who needs Fourth of July fireworks when you’ve got these lanterns from Pier 1? Thanks to LED bulbs, their patriotic colors glow brilliantly inside or out—wherever you’d like to hang them. After all, the holiday is about celebrating freedom.

4 – 4th of July Tin Can Craft For Kids


Upcycle those tin cans before you recycle them!

5 – American Flag Patriotic Wall Art


6 – Red, White, and Blue for your Plants


7 – Patriotic Planter for your Entrance


We keep our patriotic decorations out all summer long. These went up for Memorial Day, but are also perfect for the 4th of July, or any…

8 – Make Lawn Stars with Flour or Spray Paint


Make lawn stars with flour or spray paint and a homemade stencil! You can do this for any holiday or party theme and make any shape you want.


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