30 Best Moss Decor Ideas

Moss decor ideas for the garden, the terrace, or in deco, the vegetable moss invades our house to liven up the space of life. Decorative painting, green clock, or original door crown, the foam takes all forms to create a relaxing setting coupled with natural decoration. Whether for a virtual getaway to the nearby park or to vitaminize the look of the living room, a few touches of greenery will always do good to your interior.

30 Indoor & Outdoor Moss Decorative Ideas

And to show you how you can enhance your presence in your indoor and outdoor spaces, Deavita has selected 30 ideas that are as original as they are easy to make.

Vegetable moss looks like a decorative painting!

The times change and hence the aesthetic habits in terms of design. Traditional decorative objects tend to give way to more artistic ideas. The nature table in stabilized foam is one of them. Both original and elegant, it is very easy to set up and ensures a touch of vegetal decoration with modern interiors. The proof with the picture above.

100% natural moss decor idea

Stabilized foam can be installed so easily on a wall surface, to dress it from floor to ceiling, only by small touches on the floor. Here, a magnificent decorative painting made entirely of foam seduces us especially by its colorful composition which mixes three four shades: green, yellow, blue and red.

Vegetable moss decor idea easily dresses the living room walls

My moss sometimes comes in the form of art installations that gently grab the walls and floor to create a 100 percent natural ambiance! Combined with other green plants, especially succulent plants, it aims to energize the interior decoration while bringing it a note of fresh spring.

Same for all other decorative elements!

Favorite for this wall in foam which makes a nod to suspensions balls covered also of the same material. The deco asset to adopt? Consult a specialist or decorator to make a combination of warm colors in the image of the example above.

Artisanal suspension covered with foam

How about a nice series of vegetable suspensions fixed to the ceiling of the bedroom? Ideal for vitaminizing the sober decor and the sterile atmosphere, the moss can also dress any other object or furniture of your interior.

Artistic chandelier dressed in moss decor idea

Above, a beautiful vegetalized chandelier that will give you some inspiring ideas for your interior redevelopment. Forget the metal ceiling lamps and the conventional fixtures, because the foam now attacks the ceiling lamps!

Vegetable moss decor idea also settles in the kitchen

Are you wondering where to place a foam board? Anywhere ! Indeed, it is quite possible to install a stabilized foam plant frame in any room of life, without exception.

Favorite for this plant mat made of stabilized foam!

If you do not have enough room to dress the walls of the bathroom with a natural painting, we propose to vegetate the floor with an artistic moss decor idea. Also, you could install some succulent plants that will complement this plant hegemony for a 100 percent zen effect!

Vegetable wall consisting of stabilized foam and aerial plants

The moss is installed on a wall to brighten the clean decoration of this modern room which swears only by dark wood and taupe gray. More than just a decorative element, we chose to associate it with aerial plants that transform this plant wall into a true vertical garden!

Separating wall dressed with vegetable foam

Here, only makes a very delicate appearance: touches of greenery are posed elegantly on a wall of separation design that gives the cachet to this minimalist room. A fairly judicious decision to break the monotony of the white-gray duo!

This coffee table does not reveal a superb natural landscape!

Fall under the spell of this coffee table hiding behind its glass top a natural landscape dressed in the colors of autumn. No special effects or tricks were used to make this original piece of furniture.

Vegetable moss decor idea to vitamin table decoration

When deciding to incorporate foam into the interior decoration, we have to fix our particular needs according to the style of decoration already established. To refresh the imposing look of a wooden table, one puts on a deco composed of aerial plants, stabilized foam, multicolored flowers and etc ..

Have you heard of a vegetable book?

Fancy a romantic decoration that will transform your living room into a cozy cocoon? So, to create a cozy atmosphere wherever you put your foot, you have to play the map of warm materials, warm colors.

Moss decor idea in center table

In the center of the table, the moss is full of other artifices to vivify the atmosphere: scented candles, decorative branch, baskets wicker braided and so on. In short, it is about finding the winning combination that will metamorphose The look of your table!

Foam pieces installed in a glass container

If you do not want to complicate your life with the manufacture of an original table decoration, we advise you to opt for an easy solution: a few pieces placed in a large container will do just fine.

Table decoration made of driftwood, moss, and decorative pebbles

However, you should not neglect the decoration of the container that will house the moss! Even if you do not have time to think about it, nothing can prevent you from embellishing your work with some decorative pebbles, pebbles, rhinestones, pearls or other trinkets according to your preferences.

The vegetable candles are accompanied by a beautiful floral composition

This decorative candle would have nothing special if it was not its green carapace composed of moss! This creative idea could serve as an inspiration to all those who wish to give a second life to the table decoration spring.

The outdoor space also appropriates the trend of the vegetation of decorative objects!

Do you like green color in all its subtle nuances? You can apply it in the outdoor space, starting with the terrace, the garden, the exterior walls, the fence and the furniture! Bring the greenery into your environment with a beautiful art installation made from foam!

Mini garden made of moss, succulent plants and decorative elements in natural stone

You love the presence of plants in you and you want to make it even more important? Have you thought of installing a mini garden made up of green plants, moss decor ideas, and natural stone decorative elements?

Moss vegetable to create an original decoration with a romantic spirit!

Vegetable moss can be your ally of choice in the making of a vegetated door crown! Yes, with a little imagination and a few hours of hard work, you will get a plant adornment worthy to dress up your exterior facade.

Wall decoration in the shape of an arobase composed of moss and aerial plants

If you are lacking inspiration for the creation of personalized wall decoration, we invite you to create a verdant composition in the form of atrocity! And to give it more relief, do not hesitate to combine aerial plants, succulent plants and … vegetable moss of course!

Crown of vegetal door to animate the exterior facade

It’s great when creative ideas materialize, right? Go, if you are not motivated to create a foam door crown, just take a look at the picture above and you will immediately get to work!

Graffiti vegetal to customize outdoor decoration

Both aesthetic and original, the graffiti vegetal will allow you to personalize your outdoor decoration in the greatest respect for the codes of nature! For the creation of a vegetable moss decor idea with a graffiti, you will only need some clumps of moss that will help you to draw on the wall a real carpet of greenery.

Decorative objects made of vegetable foam

For a vegetable that changes, have fun making these spheres, balls and plant letters that you can then group in a beautiful abstract composition. Ideal to vegetate the interior of the house or to give more pep to the exterior deco.

Vegetable pitcher to create a Zen atmosphere

The interior  successfully followed the example of outdoor decoration which decided to appropriate the trend of vegetation of the living areas. The proof with this pretty pitcher covered with vegetable moss, which can easily find its place on a terrace, balcony or even indoors!

Want to make a romantic surprise to the green spirit?

If it is a must to dress its interior with a wall of vegetable foam, there are even more artistic creations that it would be a shame to deprive oneself, like this magnificent design facility specially designed for the festivities of a lover.

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