How to Choose the Right Lawn Grasses

An Overview of the Major Types of Lawn Grasses

While selecting lawn grasses, you should go for those that thrive in the local climate and area conditions like sun or shade. Choose the most appropriate one keeping in mind the needs of the entire family, including pets, adults and children. There are a number of varieties and here is a look at the major ones.


How to Choose the Right Lawn Grasses

Bermuda shows aggressive growth and hence is wonderfully resistant to weeds. But this trait can often make it a dangerous invader of flower beds. This turfgrass is extremely resistant to drought and wear-and-tear. For a green lawn in the winter season, go for overseeding with rye.

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How to Choose the Right Lawn Grasses

This tough variety is great for a hot and humid climate. The rough texture enables it to bear with heavy foot traffic conveniently.

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How to Choose the Right Lawn Grasses

This one is a low-growing, tough variety which requires a little amount of maintenance, and is apt for acidic soil. Compared to most turfgrasses, it has a rougher texture but offers great resistance to pest and weeds.

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How to Choose the Right Lawn Grasses

It grows in comparatively cooler areas and can create a beautiful lawn with good soil, sunlight, and regular water supply.

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Perennial Ryegrass

How to Choose the Right Lawn Grasses

It germinates rapidly and can control an optimum amount of foot traffic. It is a common supplement for grass mixes of the cooler seasons, and for warm-season lawns, it is the “wintergreen” overseeding option.

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How to Choose the Right Lawn Grasses

This again has several subcategories such as creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, fine fescue, tall fescue and hard fescue. Cold winters are great for all varieties, while the tolerance for shade, drought, wear and heat varies. They grow wonderfully with regular aeration and fertilization.

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How to Choose the Right Lawn Grasses

Warm and sunny weather conditions along with a properly drained area are perfect for zoysia. Good amount of care is required, but it does pay you back with a luxurious lawn.

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St. Augustine

How to Choose the Right Lawn Grasses

This grows well in sandy soil and warm climates. Contrary to other warm-season varieties, the blue-green color reveals itself even in fall.

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Frank Delaware

I noticed that a few patches of my grass were starting to die, and we were curious about how you would choose the right kind of grass for your area. It’s interesting that Zoysia is great for warm and sunny weather. Since it can get pretty hot here, it would be nice to have grass that will be able to withstand that.