Lawn Mower: A Guide for Choosing the Right One

You have dedicatedly spent a lot of time seeding, watering and fertilizing your lawn. Now, when the time comes for harvesting, you would definitely look forward to the best return on your investment. You can always outsource the job of lawn mowing, but why do it when you can happily complete the job yourself by purchasing the suitable equipment? Here is a brief guide which will help you in choosing the most appropriate lawn mower.

Choosing according to the size of lawn

The most important factor that decides the type of lawnmower you should buy is the kind of lawn you possess. Considering this there are majorly three types of lawn mowers, namely walk-behind, riding and tow-behind.

Walk-behind mowers:

With a cutting width of 10” to 61” and operating at walking speed, a walk-behind lawn mower can serve your purpose if you have a mid to small-sized lawn. They come in varieties like cordless, electric, real or gas-powered.

Riding mowers:

If you have a large property, it would indeed be tiresome to cover the entire area by walking. In such cases, riding lawn mowers, with cutting width of 26” to 74” and a maximum speed of 13 mph come of great help. Although they are more expensive compared to walk-behind mowers, the convenience is worth the cost. Riding mowers come in four different styles, namely lawn tractors, rear engine riders, zero turn mowers and garden tractors.


Tow-behind mowers:

The name itself suggests that you need to tow it, say behind your existing tractor or ATV. This is a great mower for overgrown fields or golf courses. It has a cutting width of 18” to 136” and a maximum speed of 10 mph, and is available in the form of trail cutters, trail mowers, and gang reel mowers.

Choosing according to lawn mower power

On the basis of the power system, there are many types of lawn mowers. You can decide as per your convenience.

Cylinder lawnmowers: They are powered by petrol or electricity or are hand-pushed, and are perfect for ornamental gardens or level lawns. However, you need to maintain more regularity in moving while using this mower.

Hover lawnmowers: True to its name, it hovers just over the grass. They are extremely lightweight and are a great option if your lawn has flower beds or curved edges.

Rotary lawnmowers: They can cater to varied types of lawns, from looping banks to rougher grass areas. Driven by either petrol or electric, they are great for a normal family garden, and can also trim the longer grass.

Cordless lawn mowers: These are usually powered by battery or petrol, and are popular due to the high performance they offer at affordable rates. These mowers can also be self-propelled, which ensures smooth movement on large lawns.

Quick Tips

  1. Consider a bigger collection box; then you won’t have to empty it frequently, especially when it’s a large lawn
  2. For a stripe-effect lawn, a rear roller mower is the best option, since the grass is flattened giving a better look
  3. For small lawns, use a push model, as they are easy to maintain and cheaper.

And if you already own a lawn mower and it just broke, here an article on how to repair it: How To: Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance!

Lawn Mower: A Guide for Choosing the Right One - flowers-plants-planters

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Good point on the best shopping season. Mowers are obviously a huge seasonal business, so makes sense to shop at the end of the season. Thanks for sharing.

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