The Wonderful Gardens of the Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild

The Wonderful Gardens of the Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild - landscaping

The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild overlooks the Mediterranean like a ship surrounded by theme gardens. They are awarded to landscape architect Achille Duchêne and Harold Peto.

It exists :

  • a French garden;
  • Spanish garden;
  • a Florentine garden;
  • a Japanese garden;
  • a Sevres garden;
  • a Provencal garden;
  • an exotic garden;
  • a stone garden.

The villa also has a rose garden including 100 varieties of roses one of which is called today: La Baronne. There was a zoo, now disappeared, which brought parrots, monkeys, mongooses, gazelles. , antelopes, flamingos … The set has archaeological remains, patios, pergolas, waterfalls, pools, palm trees, flower beds, water hyacinth and giant papyrus, bamboo

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