Cutest Chicken Coop of the World?

This is one of the cutest coop I’ve ever seen! Chickens living there are the are the luckiest one! :)

Cutest Chicken Coop of the World? - feeders-birdhouses

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Paula Lima


Germaine Richard


Monique Napierala

Trop jolie cette petite maison, ce serait bien pour Lalie!!!!

Stephanie Shaw

Stuff chickens, I want to live in it!

Corinne Cholley

poulailler d’acajou ?! ;)



Annette Munro

It’s so very quaint. But yet so beautiful. In fact, if there were a life size one that you could actually live in. Now that would be so incredibly amazing to have it as your home!
Although, I would probably be known as the Evil Witch and be blamed for all the bad crime in the area.
So to start with I would probably have to buy a garden shed, so the neighbours would be completely happy with it. ( I would probably keep all my broomsticks in there.)

Marion Martres

Guillaume une petite cabane pour nos amis les poulette ?