Pvc Gutters Recycled into Garden Planters

You can grow plenty of food and plants in PVC gutter gardens! You can attach them to the side of a building or fence or hang them one above the other on chains or rope which makes a nice "green screen" gutter garden like a vertical garden. Make sure you drill some holes into the bottom of each section for adequate drainage. Use some compost-rich soil and ensure that the plants you choose don’t require a lot of root space. Aim for assorted lettuces and mixed herbs rather than root vegetables.

Pvc Gutters Recycled into Garden Planters - flowers-plants-planters

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Tarmo N

these are not gutters. It’s hydroponic gardening and there are pipes. But it’s really nice work. Take a look on DIY project http://awesomenessprojects.com/step-by-step-instructions/

Barry Brown

brilliant idea

Werner Eulitz

super Idee, muß ich nach machen !

Danielle Petitet

Sympa comme presentation

Joëlle Bigot

joli et bon l’idéal Miam !!!


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