How to Plant Pumpkins While Saving Space

How to Plant Pumpkins While Saving Space - flowers-plants-planters
Pumpkins take a lot of space – clever idea and cool trellis made from tree limbs.

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Maria Isabel Dias Simões

Que bacana;e o culpa pouco espaço

Diane Bras

I like tlhis type of gardening….everything about it says easy !

River Judy Nana

could buy stockings .knee his to hold the pumpkins up

Regina Baker

Stuart Wildish. try this!

Yves Carle

Quelle belle idée !! Merci cousin ! J’ai déjà un beau projet pour 2016.

Lajjavati Devi Dasi

Этот пост к меня уже есть

Trudi Magee

Dee Taylor show your mum this ha ha

Dee Taylor

Oh my is that yours????

Trudi Magee

No! I remember your mum showing me her pumpkin and it was growing over the neighbours tree. This is the answer :-)

Jordan Lamplough

Alecia Oliver
So, how tall a ladder?

Alecia Oliver

Oh very funny

Pauline Taylor

Get the hammer out, boys would love to help,father has spare timber,maybe for next year!

Ursula Weiss

Super Idee!

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