Grow a Sunflower House as Kids Playhouse

Grow a Sunflower House as Kids Playhouse, no need to say more ! this idea is genius !
Grow a Sunflower House as Kids Playhouse - flowers-plants-planters

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Deirdre Barron

I’m gunna do this on my yard

Claire Swain

Nicki Davis for work!

Jeanette Pedersen

Lennart Kim Wienberg Pedersen sådanne et skal du lave til Pigerne ❤️

Karen Jacobs

Tom Nijsen leek me wel iets voor jou ?

Tom Nijsen

Supertip Karen, merci om aan ons te blijven denken :D

Debbie Nunn

I would love to do this…although I very rarely am able to keep any plants alive so not sure how long it would last if I got it full size in the first place!! ???? xx

Ancsa Kántor

For the Kids, for the birds! :-)

Regina Schmidt

Ich liebe Sonnenblumen, habe auch immer welche im Garten.

Denise Valdez

Looks awesome going to do this

Ger Rus

Kids? I’d be in there reading too LOL

Noah Greenfire Hogan

<3 Sunflowers!!! :D

Melissa Holdsworth

Make a playground :) feeds the kids and the chooks lol

Mary-Beth Bouchard

I like string bean morning glorie teepee too

Susan Miller

I could enjoy time in there as well…

Fabiano Fila

questa mi sembra una buona idea

Aaig Giaa

Me encanto la idea.


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