Diy: Tin-can Portable Rocket Stove

Diy: Tin-can Portable Rocket Stove - grills-bbq-firepits

Diy: Tin-can Portable Rocket Stove - grills-bbq-firepits
Diy: Tin-can Portable Rocket Stove - grills-bbq-firepits
Diy: Tin-can Portable Rocket Stove - grills-bbq-firepits

This little stove is amazing!! Unlike your boy or girl scout version, you can boil water with a few small sticks, and the stove weighs almost nothing. The super efficient “rocket stove”was designed in the ’80s by a mechanical engineer for the alternative energy education outreach program, Aprovecho. This rocket stove link is a delight. You can buy an inexpensive version for $35 if you dare, and even better is their free pdf booklet on how to make this stove and things like a bread oven from a 55 gallon drum.


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Bleuet Fk

pas bete

Isabel Isa Amaya Arriaga

excelente idea

Eda Rinaldo

vägev välipliit!

Legoche Di Gregorio

pa cuando sea poligrillo ya ni casa tengo asique practicaré lol

Tim Wixwath

Fahr Rad

Aretha Holtzhausen

Kan ek nie n Agent raak van jul produk nie? Dit is die mees praktiese produk en saam met my kook sakke kan dit so goed verkoop Aretha 0814378955

Sandie Law

Craig Cheetham Tamsyn Cheetham for when Optimus Primus runs out of butane #mygreenkettle

Janek Malarz

diy :)

David Lowe

This guy doesn’t know what he’s doing, or he/she would of made vents at the top.

Fred San

(here only test showing hydrogen made from wood)

Fred San
Fred San

Sure, neostove from Norway (first one), nobody simply light them correctly : feed of small wood, with less gap as possible betwen woods, just preheat at bottom, and 3 minutes after when white smoke (gazification) light only by top). Very effcicient as this

Fred San mine with oven, air trap entry, small vortex (very good for pizza, see other video)

Fred San

Plans here showing how doing holes.

Michael John Devlin

Patrick Hegarty did your one ever work

Patrick Hegarty

Myself and Donie had a tin of peas and a tin of beans on it outside the back of my room.

Steve LaFontaine

use a churchkey can openr. the kind that punches holes. put six evenly spaced holes in the side of the can just below the top rim. that will allow it to breath even with a pot on top so it doesn’t have to be set to the side unsafely as depicted. like this properly designed rocket stove doesn’t have flames coming out of the air intake so basicly this article is just so much BS.

Eric Dupaul

Mélanie Grenier, aye c’est tu cela que tu me parlais l’autre jour ???…

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