Sinks in the Garden

Old and unused sinks can be reused into outdoor fountains or planters for flowers. They can be decorated with a mosaic or used as it is depending of the rendering you want. The faucets can be removed or kept to direct the fountain water flow for example. Do you have already turned your old sinks into something decorative in your garden?

Sinks in the Garden - garden-decor

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PT Wallace

Ha ha! I have one in mine! Thought I was being original ;-)

Alexandra Dahl

Schau mal Nico Meinicke

Vandeleur Walled Garden, Kilrush

Ah this is the kitchen garden ;)

Alex Moon


Jackie Cail

Love the dishrack! !!

Angela Sargeant

Jessica Wall. 2 left hand side pics ?

Carol Jones

Might have to go looking for sinks niw Julie Belhamine

Ron Rasp

I took our old kitchen sink, built a “cabinet” for it, put it on our patio and have wave petunias overflowing out of it.

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