Flowered Garden Prairie

This photo of a garden prairie won the first prize of the International Garden Photographer of the year in the category “The beauty of Plants” organized by Igpoty.com.
Photo by Rosanna Castrini – My Garden Prairie – Bricherasio, Piedmont, Italy

A corner of sublime ‘prairie’ in my garden, inspired by contemporary horticultural theories and the practice of ‘prairie-planting‘ gardens. At the beginning of 2013 I decided to redmake a narrow flowerbed next to the house, sowing the plants required. I like informal, flowing effects and I chose fast-growing plants: Ammi majus, Hordeum jubatum, and Echinacea purpurea ‘Magnus’. Then I documented with photography the evolution of this flowerbed. I was inspired by the soft flow of energy offered by Hordeum jubatum.

Flowered Garden Prairie - landscaping

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Corinne L'hostis

beaux echinacéas et achillées

Siobhan Gibbons

This picture belongs to Rosanna Castrini

Liudmila Gorska da Silva

Que lindas……amo flores…………….

Siv Stagman

This composition by Rosanna Castrini is fantastic!

Robyn Merrett

Very peaceful… love this picture

Ranger Minney

I grew up in Grand Prairie (Texas) and it doesn’t look anything like that…

Esther Attewell

Izzy Flowers one of your paintings

Izzy Flowers

Oooh lovely xx

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