It’s a Small World

It's a Small World - flowers-plants-planters
It's a Small World - flowers-plants-planters

Photographer Nordin Seruyan captures these macro photographs of insects hanging out with each other.

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Les bijoux d'ElizZzm

Ça me fait penser à une autre forme de coescargotage ! ;)

Norman Foster

They look like models for a animated movie.

Martine Joly

Du covoiturage. Prenons exemple sur la nature.

Silvia Liliana Pellegrino

Este caracol debe cobrar el viaje!!!!!

Leonie Maia
unfortunately a lot of these kinds of photos use dead and frozen insects,even frozen or stuffed lizards. which is ok if you say thats what you are doing but not if you represent yourself as a nature photographer. if you look at the photostream you will see many instances of insects behaving in ways that are just not possible (to my mind). there have been some, particularly with frogs, exposed as totally staged, the dead frogs are hung on fine wire in various poses and the wire photoshopped out but you can draw pencil lines under arms and toes to… Read more »
Armin Köhler

Exact! This world is small… and cruel :/

Magali BC

Photo que j’avais faite à l’Ile Maurice ?

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