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11 Comments on "Go(Ats) to Work"

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Alice Bright McGuire

reminds me of this painting…

Leonie Maia

can you tell me more about this painting please?

Leonie Maia

source? whats happening? its lovely but a bit of info would be great

Rachael Jarrett

Becky Smith – they’re coming to save the goat :)

Yasmin Schwarz

“jetzt fahren wir über’n see, über’ see, jetzt fahren wir über’ n see. mit einer hölzern wurzel, wurzel, wurzel ….” wer kennt es noch?

Sarah Barton

What a marvellous photo and what calm animals. The woman is amazing.

Helen Reeley Landscapes

Fabulous reflection in the photo.

Lucette Boitel

petite arche de noe

Kara Marsh

Is that Hanna Hawkswell?

Claudia Di Franco

e i cavoli?!

Katerina Nauroz

Περίεργη βάρκα. Κάνει απόνερα χωρίς να σηκωσει ΑΓΚΥΡΑ.

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