Riy: Hanging Garden Handbags

Don’t know what to do with your old handbags? Make fun and colored plant holders with them with this “Recycle It Yourself” idea! Hang the handles from hooks on a wall, on a fence or dangle them from tree branches and your garden will be unique!

Riy: Hanging Garden Handbags - garden-decor

++ More information at HGTV website !

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Christine Delphin

sympa cette créativité!

Maria Strasser

ja is des toll

Karin de Louweren

Margot Trines ook een leuk idee voor een mooie oude tas

Felisa Menor Orio

creative and beautiful..

Fodor Péter
Helen Reeley Landscapes

Old handbags?? They sure don’t look like old handbags to me.

Andrea Bruckner

Ingrid Leidolf, Christine Beer :)

Melody Bloom

ha ha nice use ..instead of sitting in the cupboard..xxxxx

Ludivine Laurent

Sophie Landerer, tu dois bien avoir “quelques” sacs a mains pour faire tes plantations! :-p

Sophie Landerer

ben oui , mais les “L.V”ça va faire un peu “m’as tu vu” non?…..(lol)

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