A Gnome in Your Garden

Almost hidden in “The Lost Gardens” of Heligan Manor (Cornwall – England), by searching well, you can find these gnome heads out of the ground. Created by Sue Hill and her brother Pete, they are made from mud, moss, sticks and coated in cornish plants. If you are going in Cornwall make sure you don’t miss these gardens.

A Gnome in Your Garden - garden-decor
A Gnome in Your Garden - garden-decor

++ More information at The Lost Garden of Heligan website !

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Anne-Laure Napierała via Facebook


Nathalie Morante

Franck , tu me fais le meme ?

Jeanette Hicks

John this could be our next project……… maybe

Kernow Grow & Brew

A lost Cornish Giant….:)

Kas Zak

Hahahs very good :-)

Laura Doga

noooooo genial

Cori Met

Den kenn ist, aber naja, der sieht schon besser aus, als man verwachsener Lehmhaufen :-)

Gustavo Silva

I don´t like it ! I wouldn´t have this one in my garden

Alex Moon


Andreas Murner

again and again and again… tired of this…

Clare Sinclair

I just love this ………..

Rafal Janiec

Kwestia czasu i w walimiu gość tak będzie na was spoglądał ;)

Helen Reeley Landscapes

I don’t like this….it’s creepy.

Seb Masutti

juste trop bien fait :)

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