20 Ideas to Decorate Garden with Pebbles and Stones

The pebbles are the best solution to customize any outdoor space. Original, aesthetic and easy to handle, decorative pebbles become a glance in real deco asset. Associated with decorative natural stone, they allow you to achieve extraordinary creations to decorate every corner of your garden.

20 DIY Ideas for Garden Decor with Pebbles and Stones

To learn how to integrate them into your current decor, 1001Gardens invites you to browse the photo gallery below. Used simple table decoration or in addition with gravel to beautify the garden path, pebbles adapt very quickly to our changing moods by granting all our dreams into deco. The proof in pictures.

Colors, custom, small or large, pebbles combine easily with decorative natural stone accessories to beautify the outdoor space.

If you want to make pebble garden of key pieces of outdoor decor, we recommend you start by defining your needs versus your aesthetic perceptions. To create a Deco 100 percent authentic, the better to opt for a mix of stones and pebbles.

Transform a simple stone ball in dark art installation by decorating pebbles of different sizes and colors! Used alone or in combination with a statue in white stone, this original ball you will fail to achieve a modern decor.

The garden pebbles have the advantage of easy integration in any type of garden: modern, minimalist, classic, French, Mediterranean and etc .. The example above is proof: large decorative stone laid on a bed of sawdust are ready to welcome some colorful pebbles to cool rustic atmosphere.

Want to tweak the look of your alpine garden? Nothing like a nice interior natural stone marked by a line of gray pebbles. To stage the wild beauty of large stones, you could plant here and there, ornamental grasses had large foliage and exotic flowers to impressive speeds.

Zen atmosphere and feeling of lightness are the terms that one can use to describe this little oasis of well-being, enhanced by boulders for garden and decorative stones that seem to be straight out of the latest archaeological excavations.

Above an original idea that will make happy: containers for flowers in the shape of hearts romantic. These artistic flower will be the ideal gift for the birthday of your dear love. To put on the dining table or on the edge of your garden.

The garden pebbles have the advantage of being multi-functional decorative objects which can be used to dress up the floor, walls and even the outdoor furniture. Instead of buying a lounge modern garden, you can make yourself your own outdoor furniture! For this you must bring you a glass table top and a good amount of stones and pebbles.

You want to capture a unique flower that will be the star of your garden? Have you considered making an artificial flower on pebbles for the garden? It really is so easy to do: you must get the colored pebbles for flowers and metal tubes for stems. Once assembled these elements, it will do is find the perfect place to show off your craft flower.

As you know, the garden pebbles have the feature to reinvent itself according to our desires. Sometimes they dress in vibrant colors, sometimes they embellish of sweetish tones depending on the role attributed to them and their place in our outdoor decor.

Here the pebble garden will acquire a new function: to play the role of a cactus placed in a white pot. And to complete this funny makeover, it uses … Decorative .galets well understood! This time, it monopolizes smaller pebbles to fill the empty space between artificial cactus.

And for your cactus garden rollers can really resemble real cactus, please repaint a good bright color punctuating the surface of small white dots as the above example.

If you are not a fan of succulent plants, you can use pebbles for garden to make many other original flowers. The ball is in your camp.

Now we have to focus the employment of pebbles garden in creating an artistic alley or a small romantic road. Several things to say here too.

If you have a conventional ornamental garden, we recommend using the small roller touches only, that is to say, just to decorate some basic elements of your outdoor decor.

If, however, you want to create a decoration 100 percent Japanese, you must perform an alley not Japanese richly decorated with multicolored pebbles for the garden.

Finally, pebble garden even offer you the ability to produce structures of various shapes. You can either join them in small circles or large squares or diamonds to give your future path the desired shape.

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