15 DIY Wood Log Ideas for Your Garden

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If you have to cut down a tree in your garden, or you if you find some interesting wood logs during your walk in the forest, you can keep them and reuse them as original decorations. Let's discover 15 fresh ideas of what you can do with wood logs!

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A garden is a unique place. A place to relax, a place of personal creation. Create a harmonious and beautiful exotic garden; this is not only planting the flowers you like. On the contrary, we have to think how to arrange for all of your tropical garden or pretty to look at.

Natural log pathway: Source

More your garden reminds you some peaceful natural environment, more it will be relaxing. An easy and cheap way to invite nature into your open space is to use "natural accessories." If you had to cut down a tree in the garden, or you find interesting natural objects during your walk in the forest, you can reuse them as original and aesthetic decoration. Creating an exotic garden is not so complicated.

You can decorate it yourself by taking the time to develop it to your liking. You can use exotic objects such as sculptures, or tree trunks unusual shapes. You can also create a wooden bench and place in the garden, for maximum relaxation.

White log coffee table

Above an interesting log chair. If you like Adirondack chairs have a look here: 10 Adirondack Chair Decor Ideas for Your Patio

Log bench from chairs
Log Stool
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Swinging chicken: Source
How to make a walled garden: Source
Familly dining table: Source
Log giant mushrooms: Source

Log raised bed; you can also use plastic: Raised Planter Stand from Plastic Drums (Tutorial)

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