10 Best Pool Decorations Ideas

In the garden, no question of forgetting the pool decorations, especially in summer when the center of attention. For this, several options are available to you: the touch deco development that will completely change the look of your pool, you choose from our 10 pool ideas to pamper the outskirts of this charming place of relaxation and make a welcoming wish.

Pool decorations idea 1: Enforce the shade sail

Forget the very traditional umbrella and opt for a shade sail. It has the good taste not to obstruct the view and not taking up space. Located in a corner, it changes the atmosphere and the location gives it a bohemian air

How to Make an Ultra Deco Pool Area

Pool decorations idea 2: Create a paradise setting around the pool

Think outside the box and dare a totally exotic decor around the pool! This arrangement with fake rocks and wooden diving board seems straight out of an island paradise …

Pool decorations idea 3: Use decorative stones to mark the lines

They evoke the beach, sunbathing, summer … So why not sprinkle them around the pool? Decorative pebbles and help create a Zen space around to highlight its delicate lines.

Pool decorations idea 4: Bid on a beautiful garden furniture

You will spend hours on the edge of your pool, hence the importance to equip it with a beautiful garden. Besides being comfortable, it will blend into the atmosphere. Here, we chose a garden room in chocolate and cream tones to echo gently to the floor of the teak deck.

Pool decorations idea 5: Install a large pergola

With its bucolic charm, the pergola near the pool has the ingenious idea to create a nice relaxing space in which to install sunbathing and sofas. A small patch of shade practice in the afternoon and elegant for the evenings at the water’s edge.

Pool decorations idea 6: Make a border of stones around your pool

A low wall in stone, that’s a fine idea to tuck the edge of the pool. In total harmony with the environment, this wall joins a beautifully elevated deck. A decor without any fault!

Pool decorations idea 7: Multiply the greenery near the pool

To isolate the pool from view, nothing better than a little greenery! Warm a small wall, green plants are installed near the pool to create a small, intimate cocoon. Around this pool has varied greenery: bamboo with a beautiful height, large bonsai in pots and a large hedge on one side.

Pool decorations idea 8: Arrange deco lanterns along the pool

This beautiful infinity pool is decorated on one side with a few metal lanterns. They are adding a special charm to this beautiful place that invites relaxation and rest.

Pool decorations idea 9: Recess bright LEDs along the pool

It is a decoration which is profitable only at night, we grant you, but bright LEDs integrated ground shed light on the place and highlight the length of the lap pool.

Pool decorations idea 10: Bet on flowerpots

Rather than relegating your flower pots in a corner of the terrace, sprinkle them around the pool to create a warm space.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation to add a nice pergola next to the pool to create a relaxing space for sunbathing or sitting in the shade. My husband and I are thinking of getting a pool installed in our backyard, but we want a beautiful deck and surrounding area to help accentuate the peaceful vibe we’re going for. I hope we can find a great contractor who can help us achieve the space we have been dreaming of for the past two years!

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