10 Hillside Landscaping Tips

Often difficult to arrange, the hillside landscaping requires, no doubt, a greater reflection than a flat garden. However, this preparation work stimulates creativity and the presence of a slope can create original volume effects, even spectacular.

How to arrange a Hillside Landscape?

Above all, we must shape the field by creating different levels, or otherwise favoring steep slope. The creation of a staircase, often indispensable, invites to easily get off the bottom of the garden to admire all. Here, the bias was to accentuate the slope with high cypress and pine trees planted at home. In this garden of the Maritime Alps, alpine varieties steep turn this space into a little corner mountain. On slopes mingle euphorbia, globular, will erect, thyme, juniper and heather crawling in a spirit of rock. By far, the garden is a real painting, which reads from top to bottom or bottom to top. But up the stairs, walkers discover, at every step, delicate little flowers lost among the rocks or sumptuous foliage shapes and amazing colors

Hillside Landscape: Include water in the landscape

A garden on a slope will help you save money on your water bill. The steps of this garden will prevent the rapid flow of water and irrigation will make your garden even more effective. Instead of steps, you can also have horizontal beams with the same function.

In a hillside landscape, the water element is something that can be added without a problem. You can easily integrate with a fountain or a waterfall wall. The steep slope is ideal for creating a water curtain!

More privacy and security with a stone retaining wall

The retaining wall is a bold architectural element. it aims to create an intimate atmosphere and closed, but you can add climbing flowers to create comfort in your backyard!

Self-patinated steel terraces with decorative gravel

If a large wall is not enough for your garden, you can do a few dry stone walls and terraces. They can be the right solution for you. A pleasant terrace next may be the ideal place to rest in your garden!

Vegetable Garden on a slope – several flower beds, surrounded by greenery breaker view

The greenery on your slope will help you from one side to prevent the earth from collapsing; on the other side, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery with plants.

Garden steep terraces covered with wood

Turn your steep slope into a multifunctional wooden platform a few levels. The contrast between the wood and the countryside is just beautiful!

Arrange the rocks for more exotic

You can put half rocks anchored in the ground. This way, you will add more natural beauty.

A staircase in your garden

The steps of a wide concrete staircase will help you climb easily up the steep slope. In addition, the staircase will highlight, in a natural way, the beauty of your garden.

A water stream that brings freshness in your garden on slope

Keep your flowers in pots at different levels

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