Garden Trends for 2017: the Well-being Above All

The garden is increasingly perceived as a safe haven, a place of pleasure and conviviality in which the five senses are stimulated. And will be even more in the future.

So it's no coincidence that the Observatory of trends of the garden, in his latest book published on the occasion of the Days of plants of Chantilly, has chosen to explore the five senses. "Addressing the garden through the senses, it puts man at the center of the space." It is also a more subjective way of understanding. This is to give back to feel, see and enjoy. "the garden is not just a show, even though his aesthetic remains important, it is primarily a place of life in which the focus is on simplicity. Both in how to cultivate in its general appearance .

Garden Trends for 2017: the Well-being Above All Flowers, Plants & Planters

Forgotten gestures

"Addressing the garden through the senses, puts man at the center of the space."

The Dutch Office of flowers, which each year sets the trends in flowers and plants, says: "We live in a world where the sense of imminent threat is increasingly growing. The domestic environment is considered to be the eye of the storm: a haven of peace and silence in the whirlwind of a complicated and chaotic world. In this oasis, simplicity and the comforting familiarity of daily routine are fundamental. (...) This simplicity can be found in natural plants and uncultured, true and unadorned. "But that tell a story, like Schefflera, also called tree-umbrella, whose function is obvious, the Venus Flytrap or lady's mantle, the plant alchemists.

Garden Trends for 2017: the Well-being Above All Flowers, Plants & Planters In this quest for truth, the success of the vegetable garden is confirmed. Because there revives forgotten gestures, the notion of seasons, enjoy the taste of things, take the time to watch it grow. Even in the city, where the garden can be limited to a terrace or balcony. Marjoram, thyme, mint, tomatoes ... They are not the only ones.
Increasingly miniature vegetable varieties are emerging but also dwarf fruit trees or columns that take up little space. "Often the size scares, whereas with good explanations is a playful simplicity." Especially today, professionals strive to offer simple varieties to grow, easy to maintain. "And then failing is part of the course. This is not serious, the garden is not spiteful, it grows back. "

Back to earth

Prefer view playing with the foliage changing colors, moving plants; make room to smell with the scent of flowers; to taste, between strawberries and cherry tomatoes ... it's fine, but the tactile approach is increasingly a place in the apprehension of the plant world. The foam is allowed to invade the tree trunks, rough wicker or logs that weave barriers and now all these cuddly plants we choose for their velvety-hairy, so sweet as a hand.

Do not see nostalgia in this desire to return to the land, simplicity, nature. The gardener 2017 remains connected to the modern world. One that moves at the speed of the Internet is confronted with new technology, the multifunction, where the screen holds a prominent place. Some find it a fun, fancy that result in the flower beds and vases. Flowers and plants nourish the visual exuberance, according to the Dutch Institute of flowers that bet on the game of contrasts and remarkable forms (acalyphas, pineapple flowers), the mix of strong colors, the strange plants that evoke a world futuristic. More is more, more is better.

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