10 Decor Ideas to Make an Original Terrace

According to your desires and needs, the terrace can reinvent itself every summer with some deco and a few hours tinkering. First, set the mood for this relaxing. bohemian atmosphere, design, country or shabby chic? A comfortable landmark for friends, family or lovers? Discover the best of our decorating ideas to develop a beautiful terrace and original!

1 - Invest in Colored Chairs

To bring a fresh and modern wind on your patio, why not succumb to pastel color? In the trend, these colors create a cheerful and bright atmosphere.

2 - Create an Elevated Urban Garden

Why vegetable gardens should stick only to large gardens? Elevated so you do not have to bend. This one is completely round and cute.

3. Buy Flashy Furniture

Clever furniture and practical, yes, of course, but they can also be in bright colors, then one is in love. The chairs and patio table are then the only decoration of the terrace, they are sufficient unto themselves.

4 - Choose a Nice Recycled Sofa

Sometimes we had some fears to invite our textile outside. The idea? Two recycled wooden pallets which are fixed together and add their wheels. Now put mattresses, loose cushions ... This beautiful sofa recycling settles on terrace and when the rain arrives, its wheels help us to get it inside!

5. Multiply the Outdoor Carpets

Create a cozy space by multiplying the carpets on the floor on your terrace. This will hide a floor you do not like or to bring an ethnic spirit to all. One solution is worshiped, especially with the outdoor carpet, no obligation to return them at night.

6 - Install a Chinese Ball Pendant Lamp

If your terrace enjoys a lovely garden, nestled under a tree or pergola, install a suspension as a Chinese ball over the big table. Simply decoration, it allows you to customize the location and showcase this friendly space.

7 - Insulate your Terrace with a Vertical Garden

Increasingly in vogue, the vertical garden wall is invited on our terrace. Here placed end table, it can be isolated quietly with his guests without completely undermine the nice view from the terrace.

8 - Choose Solar Lights

It's the right idea for a decor and cozy terrace when night begins to fall: Solar Lights. No catch, no wire, no problem for the move: the perfect choice for many accumulate freely bright spots.

9 - Hang Christmas String Lights

Consider decorating the heights of your deck and thus multiply the suspensions. Small decorative elements that are never tired when summer came, the light string like pennants customizes the terrace space, but mostly gives it a rustic side that fits like a glove!

10 - Decorate your Table with flowers

It's the detail that will change everything on your deck: the bouquet of flowers! Place it in the center of your garden table for a touch of freshness and greenery.

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