20 Beautiful Tiny Gardens That Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

Don’t have enough space to make a garden? Don’t worry, these 20 ideas of tiny gardens will show you that it is possible to have a garden everywhere, as small as it could be! :)

1. Upcycled Wine Corks Garden

Source: inheritingourplanet.com

2. Birdhouse Rooftop Garden

Source: designsponge.com

3. Repurposed Thimble Garden

Source: smallworldland.blogspot.com

4. Syrup and Salt Shaker Terrariums

Source: aurorascreations.blogspot.com

5. Recycled Teacup Garden

Source: howtoconsign.org

6. Eggshell Garden

Source: telegraph.co.uk

7. Sky Planter Garden

Source: boskke.com

8. Upcycled Pocket Watch Garden

Source: slugandsquirrel.blogspot.com

9. Wine Glass Garden

Source: yourhomeislovely.blogspot.com

10. Moss Garden

Source: etsy.com

11. Garden in a Book

Source: Recyclart

12. Snail Shells Garden

Source: Recyclart

13. Light Bulb Terrarium

Source: Recyclart

14. Pothole Garden

Source: thepotholegardener.com

15. Upcycled Dresser Garden

Source: 1001Gardens

16. Upcycled Herb Dresser

Source: sweetpaulmag-digital.com

17. Upcycled Watering Can Garden

Source: Recyclart

18. Kitty planters from plastic bottles

Source: Recyclart

19. Shoes Garden

Source: Recyclart

20. Crocs Garden

Source: Recyclart

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