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I had a dream..." to plug directly a faucet into a watermelon, fill it with spiked watermelon juice so party guests could serve themselves right from the melon!"

So it can become reality. What you'll need :

What you'll need:
•   10-pound seedless watermelon
•    Sharp knife
•    Big spoon
•    Big bowl
•    Drill with a 1/2-inch drill bit
•    3/4-inch ball-valve faucet with a handle that's easy to turn with one hand
•    PVC-to-faucet adapter that will screw into the back of the faucet
•    Rubber O-ring that fits the back of the faucet
•    Blender
•    Sieve
•    Pitcher
•    1 1/2 cups rum
•    4 limes
•    About 90 minutes of your time

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